Nikita Zhirkov is a Russian photographer from Nizhny Novgorod, working at the intersection of art photography and street photography.

In most of his projects he explores the issues of space and territory, and the context of a person in this space. He looks for accidental details that change the perception of everyday life.

Bio/cv. Фотограф Никита Жирков


2019 S-t-o-l, Hills 

2020 Republic, Hills

2020 Private, Hills

2020 Такие Дела, self-isolation 

2021 Calvertjournal, Hills

Group exhibitions

2016 Mamm, Childrens book

2020 F-Stop, Hills  

2020 Museum of Moscow, self-isolation

2020 Photographic Academy, self-isolation


2016 Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia

2018-2021 Academy of documentary photography and Photojournalism Photographika