Hide-and-seek with silence

Once, while walking the dog near the house late in the evening, I noticed a playground that was covered with safety tape. There was a warning nearby saying: ‘Closed to the public’. Next day I saw the same thing in the neighboring yard. Bit by bit red and white tape appeared everywhere. Places once filled with kids’ laughter turned into quiet, lifeless areas in no time. All of them were still illuminated with streetlights. They looked mysterious at night as if they were hiding some secrets.


 Playgrounds without children — is a contradiction. But this is our today’s reality where we have to learn how to survive: to go for a walk on the balcony or in the street but to keep our distance from other children, not to exchange toys, not to hold hands, to smile through masks. Constructions made of plastic, wood and metal stayed in the city streets just as a reminder of life before the lockdown, they started looking like museum exhibits that cannot be touched but only observed.


Playgrounds sealed with hanging bright tapes became a part of our world. They are being torn down by wind and people, but they appear again and again. And no end in sight yet…